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We bust stale thought processes.

Mixup the world with entrepreneurs, educators, tech, thought leaders, and status-quo challengers.

Asking questions is the heart of change.

It's what we are all about. We curate a platfor(u)m to democratize critical question asking. Onward to the innovation train!

Ask a question. Challenge the status quo.


Attend our annual conference or a local, independent event.


Watch curiosity driven talks.


Gather your own community.


What if I'm wrong?


What if life didn't suck?


What if women were in charge?


Questions spaning from local to global, the past to the future, the abstract to the practical.

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15 Questions. 5 Makers. 2 Days. Our #WhatifPhilly conference is October 17-18.
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A lot has been happening behind the scenes here at What If...?. We've picked up book offers, picked up presentations at edCampSTL, and even picked up what you're putting down. Well, we wanted to let you know of a few things about our conference. ... more

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